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Everyday Practices for Everyday Problems
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Instructions for when and how to use the following meditations are described in detail in The Mindfulness Solution.  If you'd like to share these with others, please direct them to this website but please do not copy and distribute the recordings without permission.

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  Posture Instructions Play Download

Befriending the Changes

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72 Body Scan Meditation  Play Download
55 Breath Awareness Meditation Play Download
64 Breath Practice Sampler Play Download
232 Breathing Together Play Download

Listening Meditation

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84 Loving-Kindness Meditation Play Download
129 Mountain Meditation Play Download
75 Raisin Meditation Play Download
186 Separating the Two Arrows Play Download
118 Stepping into Fear Play Download
160 Stepping into Sadness Play Download
154 Thought Labeling Play Download
162 Tonglen Practice   Play Download
273 Urge Surfing for Cravings Play Download
191 Urge Surfing for Pain Play Download
To access additional recorded practices, please visit www.sittingtogether.com
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